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Episode 61: The Journey to TedX with Dr. Shana Lewis PhD, LPC, NCC

Listen in to walk Dr. Shana Lewis’ path from TED talk watcher to TEDx speaker, including: how to earn an invite to speak for TEDx, how her 12-year-old daughter got her own TEDx talk, how Dr. Shana maintains a strong and consistent presence online, the bold move that got her a regular expert contributor spot on TV, how she’s perfected the timing of her media pitches … and more!

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pam perry podcast 59

Episode 59: Real Talk About PR (Public Relations) with PR Strategist Pam Perry

In this solo show, I tell you about: the biggest PR myth, 4 things PR is (and 1 thing it isn’t), how to tell if your story is real news, how the Black community can support Blacks in the media (and vice versa), pro tips for “piggybacking” and your next press release, what social media can’t do for you that only traditional media can, more reasons to be nice to your local journalists … and more!

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pam perry podcast 57

Episode 57: Why Retire When You Can Re-fire?!🔥

Is it time for a career change? Are you feeling a certain way about your retirement? Do you feel an urge to level up or get out? Listen in and learn: My 5 top tips for introducing the new you, true stories of women whose pivots have been a huge success, the keys to leveraging your existing body of work, where to start with re-energizing your personal brand, why you’ll want to “go digital content crazy,” how social media makes this easier now than it’s ever been … and more!

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Episode 56: Leveraging Your Purpose-Driven Brand with Cier Black

Listen in for stellar storytelling and passionate energy from my guest, Cier Black, on: how to leverage your book for social media, why you shouldn’t write your own bio, the big problem with being a generalist, how to find the common thread in your work (and your life), what your childhood dreams can tell you now, how to turn your competitors into collaborators, what your social media should say about you … and more!

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