The 3 Steps To Give God a Great Return on His Investment [Guest post by Nicole Roberts Jones]

The 3 Steps To Give God a Great Return on His Investment [Guest Post by Nicole Roberts Jones]

Quit hiding who you are. Do you know you are brilliant? This is an article written by my client,
Nicole Roberts Jones. She can help you discover your gifts and talents, so you can bankroll your brilliance! Your playing small doesn’t serve the world! That’s why, in this post, she’s going to tell you all about how to give God a great return on His investment.

Do you realize that when you were born to this world, God brought you here on assignment? God knew that the exact gifts and talents He was investing in you would be the answer needed in the world RIGHT NOW! Now, let’s talk about giving Him the best return on investment possible.


How to Give God a Great Return on His Investment

To live your life as God intended, there are three things you must do!

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#1 – Get Clear on Your Assignment

Are you clear on your purpose = the ONE thing God created you to do? If not, exploring the answers to these questions will help you begin to understand why you are here. At the same time, they’ll help you get closer to giving God a good return on investment:

  • What are you passionate about? And what do you love to do?
  • What are you proficient in? What’s the thing that everybody comes to pick your brain about?

If you can’t answer these, pay attention to what happens throughout your days. The place that these two areas correlate is your purpose.

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Step #2 – Align your Purpose with your Position

You must find the position that is a good fit to activate your purpose. Whether in your career or as an entrepreneur, you have to know that God gave you gifts and talents as the answer to somebody’s problem. So, that means you need to align your purpose with your position if you want to give Him a great return on his investment.

Your question to ponder here is:

Whose problem are you the answer to, and how can you position your gifts and talents to serve them?

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Step #3 – Do You!

When you are clear and uncompromising, you will outperform all the rest. In the 27 years, I have been in this work, I have found that millions of people overlook or discount their unique gifts and talents, never realizing they were born to this world with a specific mission to fulfill.

If you need support in getting clear on your assignment, take the Brilliance Roadmap Quiz. I created this quiz to help you get clear and get the next steps to activate your assignment. Find it here:

Getting clear on your assignment allows you to become the highest and best version of who God created you to be. This ensures God gets a great return on His investment in YOU!

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This post was first published in 2020, but it was updated in 2021 just for you.


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    I just took Nicole Roberts Jones’ 5 Day Bankroll Your Brilliance challenge, and it was packed with so much value! I love how she uses the Word of God as a roadmap in her coaching and how intentional and caring she is in her approach.

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