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The winds are changing. The world is changing. Whatever you’ve been dreaming about, dabbling in, or possibly putting off, it’s Time to Start Now with Full Steam Ahead. Our annual Back to Business Virtual Conference is designed for black women career professionals and entrepreneurs in need of solid support and training around business growth, marketing, and sales. This year our focus is showing you how to overcome challenges and “Start Now.”

Black women are the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the nation, starting businesses at six times the national average. But too many fail to sustain past the critical five-year mark. And too few black women-owned businesses are reaching $1 million in revenues. Truth be told, every day ambitious women find themselves stuck; desperately looking for someone to help them figure out where to start or what to do next in their business. Mentorship and startup support is crucial, which is why this year’s Back to Business Virtual Conference focuses on tackling our big small business questions by providing clear starting points for entrepreneurial women in need of direction.

Pam PerryBack to Business is the ultimate virtual conference for serious sisters in need of real talk business training, mentorship and direction around Money, Marketing, and Sales from experienced, successful “Six and Seven Figure Sisters” who understand where you are coming from AND can provide you with the right steps to get to where you want to be. Our goal is to help you fast track your web business growth with clarity, connections, and confidence. We want to give you the right tools to move beyond all things that might be holding you back, so you can power through to your best you.

💃🏾 From building your business to your best self, using technology to smart marketing solutions, we are going to explore essential aspects of starting and maintaining successful businesses online and across the globe.

“I strongly believe the success of your business depends on the company that you keep. The SistaSense Power Circle is a support network that aims to keep you in great company.“ – LaShanda Henry, Event Creator and Founder of SistaSense.com

The success of your business depends upon the company that you keep, and the SistaSense Power Circle is here to ensure you stay in good company. In an effort to help you stay motivated to move forward with your business vision, this year’s Back to Business Virtual Conference is centered around smart, practical solutions that you can use to overcome challenges and Start Now. 

09:00 AM EST Start to Work at Home Full-time – LaShanda Henry

09:30 AM EST Start to Do More and Feel Better with Daily Affirmations – LaVonne W

10:00 AM EST Start to Brand Like a Boss – Jai Stone

11:00 AM EST Start to Work and Travel the World – LaShanda, Halona and Lisa Marie

12:00 PM EST Start to Work on Your Wealth: Know and Claim Your Worth – Quanisha S.

01:00 PM EST Start to Create More Engaging Videos – Tanya Smith

02:00 PM EST Start to Put Yourself First and Manage Your Stress – Marcyline Bailey

02:30 PM EST Start to tap into Side Hustle Income – Rhonda Davis

03:00 PM EST Start to Podcast – Chisa Pennix-Brown

04:00 PM EST Start to Reset & Generate Cashflow during a Crisis – Carol Sankar

05:00 PM EST Start to Use PR, Partnerships & Positioning to Propel ForwardPam Perry

06:00 PM EST Start to Get Unstuck – LaShanda Henry 

06:30 PM EST Start to Organize & Monetize Your Content – LaShanda Henry

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