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Entrepreneurial Spirit by Pam Perry

Learn tips, tricks and how to maneuver things.
Design Hill​ presented a series of inspirational stories​​ to celebrate the Entrepreneurial Spirit​​​​​ and motivate the new generation of entrepreneurs around the world during the COVID crisis.

In this video, they have shared my inspirational story as the President of PamPerryPR.com.

My clients are speakers and thought leaders, as well as authors who share their messages with the world.

Design Hill said, “Perry shows her clients how to position, how to brand, how to get media, how to get publicity for their platform, and helped them build their platform and their brands.”

Watch this video and know more about Pam Perry’s entrepreneurial life.

Entrepreneurial Spirit by Pam Perry: https://bit.ly/3yl04zU

Founderx by Pam Perry: https://bit.ly/2R8HJoZ

Important topics covered in this session

Title : How are you coping with the current scenario in terms of self & family care?
Duration : 1M 15S
Title : What challenges are you facing currently and how are you fighting back?
Duration : 1M 5S
Title : What advice do you have for the entrepreneurial community heading down the remote working path?
Duration : 2M 3S

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