Episode 41: What Are YOU Good At? with Nicole Loiten, CEO & Author/Speaker

This is a special episode to introduce you to Nicole Loiten and share her story, because she is a great example of finding success by getting out there and getting known.

Nicole has built a 7-figure business and a thriving speaking career by marketing her book and her company using the same methods I’ve shared with my clients and students for over 20 years!

Through traditional media, social media, owned media, and public speaking – done consistently and with integrity and authenticity – Nicole helps people discover and maximize their natural gifts to build wealth and more fulfilling lives.

Join us for an energizing conversation that includes: the key ingredients of Nicole’s top-notch email pitch (it got her on my show!), another way to get featured in your local newspaper (this one may surprise you), how to market your book (online and off), what your discomfort is telling you, where you’ll find your unique blend of success ... and more!

Focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses, and you will be unstoppable” – Nicole Loiten

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! A perfect pitch and why it worked
  • A great example of a great bio
  • Why every professional needs a great photo
  • Have you tried this to get featured in your local paper?
  • Perfect Example! How a little bit of press leads to lots more press
  • Pop Quiz: How many copies does the average book sell per year?
  • Book marketing online can be as simple as this...
  • True Story! You’ll find success at the intersection of your gifts, skills, and talents
  • Want to sell more books? Here's your other #1 thing to do
  • Nicole’s 5 secrets for success
  • How often you should market your book or business
  • Career choices for that classroom chatterbox!
  • Success Story! Your book is a doorway to unexpected opportunities
  • What your discomfort is telling you
  • Perfect Example! How to pivot your pitch


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