Episode 21: How YOU Can Shape the News (and Why You Should) – Journalism and The Multicultural Society

When I recorded this episode, the coup at the US Capitol was in progress. That moment has passed, but the issues that led to its violence and the systemic problems it revealed are still with us (as they have been for hundreds of years).

I’m not a political commentator, but I’ve worked in the media and with the media for decades. I’ve seen the shift from the media shaping what people talk about to people shaping what the media talks about.

Black people’s words need to be heard, and our black journalists can’t do it all by themselves – and in this age of citizen journalism, they don’t need to.

You have the power to shape the news in your own image, whether you send an op-ed to your local newspaper, speak your mind on Facebook Live, or finally start that podcast you’ve been thinking about.

Listen in, and I’ll tell you: what today’s technology makes possible for everyday people, 4 places you can instantly share your views online, 2 templates for your op-ed letter, how to support black journalists, how to get heard by white journalists, why we have (and will always have) the black press, and what your local newspaper has that social media doesn’t … and more!

“This world needs you … things will get better when you put your voice to work.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • A journalist’s responsibility
  • What today’s technology makes possible for everyday people
  • 4 places you can present your views online – instantly
  • What speakers and authors need to be speaking and writing about now
  • All hands on deck! 4 ways your voice can support black journalists
  • 3 things to include in your op-ed
  • A special message for thought leaders…
  • 2 ways to get heard by white journalists
  • The big issues around journalism in our multicultural society
  • Why we have, and will always have, the black press, black radio talk shows, black magazines, etc.
  • Your responsibility in this age of citizen journalism
  • A simple way to support black journalists in their struggle
  • Black organizations and television journalists to rally around
  • Why your local newspaper is a better platform than social media


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