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Get Out There and Get Known

Join Pam Perry each week as she shares the secrets to getting visibility and credibility that gets you booked in media places and on superstar stages.

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January 26, 2022

Did you hear about the survey I put on LinkedIn some time ago? I asked Where do you want the most exposure? with the choices: magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasting, and television…Television was top of the list with 55%, which is more than all the other media outlets combined. Wow!Well, if ...

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Episode 69: Get Your Guest Spot on TV with Media Entrepreneur Sharifah Hardie

January 20, 2022

Do you remember when Tom Joyner was collecting frequent flyer miles by the million as the Fly Jock? How about dial-up internet, pagers, and a world without cell phones?Now here we are, hyperconnected by social media while disconnected by a pandemic. #smhWell, the game has certainly changed, but the fundamentals ...

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Episode 68: Pitching the Media, Then and Now with NABJ Hall of Famer Neil Foote

January 13, 2022

Now, you know I’m big on hard work, consistency, and building our skills. They come up in every episode, and you can bet that I talk about them with my clients and Ready Set Go Speak students, too. But the brand recognition and success that I have today is mostly ...

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Episode 67: How to Build a Brand from Scratch in 4 Steps

January 6, 2022

So, did you get all the media attention you hoped for in 2021?😃Well, whether you did or didn’t, I’m here to help you get more than you got!Be ready to take notes, because I’ve brought my list with more than 22 tried-and-true ways to get out there and get known. ...

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Episode 66: Your 22+ Ways to Get Out There and Get Known in 2022

December 29, 2021

What if I told you that your path to a profitable business was paved with give instead of take? What if I said that the best way to market your business was to ask instead of tell?That’s not what most business books will tell you, but there are other ways ...

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Episode 65: Profits, People, and Publicity with Dean Hankey, Marketing Magician

December 22, 2021

You know I love a success story, especially when it’s in the black media!If you could use a boost, come listen to Gregory Lee, Senior Assistant Managing Editor at The Boston Globe, tell the story of Black News Hour’s rapid rise (and enjoy his fast-talkin’ East Coast vibe 😊).You’ve heard ...

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Episode 64: Jumpstarting the Black News Hour with Gregory Lee of NABJ and The Boston Globe

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