Episode 33: Let’s Talk TV & Radio with Sharrarne Morton, CEO of Morton Media

If you want to get your business on TV, and you want to get it right, then this week’s guest, Sharrarne Morton, CEO of Morton Media, is a woman you need to listen to. She’s been in the media industry for her entire life…

As a child, Sharrarne practiced news reporting by interviewing her brother – with a hairbrush for a microphone 😊. Later, she was editor of her high school newspaper, hosted a college radio show while earning her degree in broadcast journalism, and then she created success with 20+ years in TV and radio as a producer, host, and news commentator.

Now she’s available to help you look and sound your best when your business is placed where millions of people can see it – ESPN, CNN, HGTV, BET, and dozens of other major networks.

So, listen for what gets your foot in the door (and also what keeps you there), true stories of small asks and painful losses that turned into huge opportunities, why a refined persona is so important for people of color, 7 ways her media coaching will bring out your best, how to become a guest on her shows … and more!

You really are a walking billboard for your brand.” – Sharrarne Morton

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • It all started with a hairbrush… 😊
  • True Story! A disappointing loss that turned into a much bigger win
  • Every one of Sharrarne’s jobs and opportunities came through this…
  • An authentic and effective way to network
  • What gets your foot in the door – and also what keeps you there
  • True Story! A small ask that got rewarded with a huge YES!
  • How to become a guest on Sharrarne’s shows
  • The 2 health and wellness resources that she created for people of color
  • Want to shine on TV? Here are 7 ways Sharrarne’s media coaching/training will help you
  • Why a refined persona is especially important for people of color
  • How to get 1-on-1 help from Sharrarne for pennies on a dollar
  • If you’re a writer, here’s some really good news…
  • Why it’s vital that black media survive and thrive


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